Women's Compound Bow - Here Is the Best One for Sale

Archery: has been a common practice for over 10,000 years,It wasn't uncommon to see women competitors in this sport. Archery was and still is considered an elegant sport that requires skill, experience, and dedication. Current day, women's and males compound bows have become strikely similar, with essentially the same performance and efficiency.Although attractiveness and color in a compound bow is certainly meaningful,It is paramount that you focus on the power, speed, and precision.Per-contra Men and Women's physiology differ, therefore there are numerous factors to take into consideration when purchasing a women's compound bow. For Example:

  • Draw Length (On average women are shorter than men, this of course means shorter draw lengths,therefore find a length that corresponds with your height.)
  • Draw Weights (The draw weights on women compound bows are usually lower than other bows, assuming its your first time shooting a bow start low and build your muscle strength!)
  • Quality Strings (When using a women's compound bow make sure the strings aren't too stretchy, stretchy strings means bow functionality decreases)
  • Bow Weight (The heavier the bow, means the stronger you need to be in order to hold it. Heavier bow = Increased fatigue + less accuracy. Find the perfect weight that satisfies you!)

Ideal Women's Compound Bow!

Diamond Infinite Edge:

The Diamond Edge is highly favored among women's compound bows, the reason being because of its likable size which is known to be about the average for a females build. A bonus is the fact that it's customizable. Suitable draw length, range is 13 – 30 inches, as is the draw weight range, which is from 5 – 70 pounds. This bow shoots up to 310 feet per second. Phenomenal Distance when you take into consideration its max draw length!

Best Youth Bow!

Barnett Vortex Youth Bow:

The Barnett Vortex Youth Bow is a lightweight bow that functions similarly to larger model bows.This is the best youth bow that has been specifically designed for kids of younger ages. Very Flexible with adjustable draw lengths between 21-27 inches, a draw weight between 16-45 pounds. This bow is right handed, contains a precise sight and remarkably powerful when you take into consideration its weight and size. Only negative to speak of is that the quiver holds only 3 arrows. Bow is however still perfect to hone ones skill, and develop a knack for archery.Its affordability and steady shoot is primarily what makes it the ideal and best youth bow.

History of the Compound Bow:

Designed and created by Holles Wilbur Allen in the town of Billings, Missouri(1966). Compound bows popularity has experienced a drastic increase in recent years. The most commonly used bow in the U.S is the compound bow!

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